Leading Change

Managing and leading change is an absolute necessity regardless of your role. In my experience, there are a few essentials that will help you lead through change. First, communicate! Over communicate if necessary but you need to communicate what will be changing and, more importantly, why. Here are some questions I suggest you have answers to when announcing the change:Continue reading “Leading Change”

Leadership Essentials: Communication

We communicate all day, every day. Communication is likely THE essential skill of humankind. Understanding In order to communicate fully, the words spoken must align with the non-verbal cues we are using. We’ve all had conversations where we this alignment didn’t exist and you likely left confused, not knowing with certainty the outcome. Alan Greenspan, anContinue reading “Leadership Essentials: Communication”

Leadership Essentials: Accountability

Several years ago I learned a great lesson on accountability from a manager. I made a small mistake that had a MASSIVE impact. And, my massive, I mean that every account, hundreds of thousands of accounts, in the organization was affected to some degree. As soon as I realized the error I reported it toContinue reading “Leadership Essentials: Accountability”