I work to inspire others to be their best!

The Important Basics

I am Nate (Nathan) Waldron. I am married to a wonderfully amazing woman who inspires me to be better.We have four children (2 girls, 2 boys) who make us laugh out loud, smile, grimace, shake our heads, and (sometimes) yell out of frustration. We love them and we are all in this together.


I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons. I wholeheartedly believe Christ is my Savior and am grateful for His sacrifice. I am consistently working to learn more about Him and to emulate Him. Read more at Mormon.org or lds.org or click on the image to the left to view my profile at Mormon.org.

 My Passions


I am a student of leadership and am continually working to be a better leader–of self, family, at work and in life. I learned the impact of leadership many years ago when I had a manager/leader tell me exactly why I wouldn’t succeed. She then proceeded to help me overcome those challenges and a few years later she promoted me to take on a formal management/leader role. She changed my life and I hope I can do the same for others.

Check out the resources page for some of my go-to favorites.


I’m a runner. I started running seven years ago and have run several 1/2 marathons and 1 full marathon along with several other smaller races. Running clears my mind and is my time.


I am a bit of a technophile and my wife does better than I’d like at keeping my lust for new tech inline. I speak geek.


I love learning and hope I learn something from most people with whom I associate. I have formal degrees from Pacific Coast Banking School (masters-level certificate in leadership and banking), University of Phoenix (Masters of Business Administration / Global Management) and DeVry University (Computer Information Systems). I enjoy the mixture of IT and business!


Until I am financially independent, I work. Currently, I work as an IT project manager while continuing to refine and improve my leadership and coaching skills.